Natuna Grand Mosque

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Natuna Grand Mosque was inaugurated by the Regent Natuna Drs.H Rusnadi Daeng, M.Si on 04 April 2009. Besides being a place of worship the Natuna, the mosque is also used major events such as cultural and religious MTQ, Natuna Art and others.

NatunaMasjid Grand Mosque is located not far from the city center Ranai. Views of Mount Ranai the backdrop of the Great Mosque mosque Natuna hotel.The location was a little far from the main road to Ranai, and also we could see from the plane that will land on the airport Ranai. This mosque looks majestic, especially when viewed up close.

It is not difficult to get to the mosque, from downtown Ranai we need to go to the north for approximately 2 miles. It is located at the foot of Mount Ranai. From the main road we had to go back into the approximately 1 kilometer from the road but it was tampat green-domed mosque with towers around it.

The area around the mosque Natuna will also be equipped with Hajj, Meeting Hall, Education Building, Commercial Building, Plaza and the city park and for now most of the buildings around the mosque has been occupied as a government office area Natuna regency.

This mosque will look beautiful and magnificent when viewed up close, especially if we get into. What place in the ablution room located below, so as I climbed the stairs to get to the court of the mosque, we are required to get down the stairs again to perform ablution. For male ablution place was next to the west, while to the place of ablution women exist on the east side.

From the point of taking ablution, we have to go up again to get to the main room mosque. When entering the main room of the mosque looks bad that this mosque is so great. Mosques are full of symbols with the life of Prophet Muhammad, six dome at the top symbolizes the Pillars of Faith. When viewed from inside the mosque is spread a red carpet in neat rows-rows and ornaments in a beautiful mosque. While the front and the pulpit preacher looks natural with wood carvings of brown paint. Some of the front rows specifically for male pilgrims while for female worshipers is at the bit behind not far from rows in front with wood barrier whose height is no more than 1 meter. The main door carving pattern also looks very big.

When viewed from the outside would seem Main dome mosque with several small domes and four minarets around it on all four sides. However, not only because of the breadth and beauty of design, but also because since the beginning of its construction in the intend to “Center of Excellence” or central virtues, such as schools and libraries.

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